Mega Kids Cycling & Run Event Ever

Aattral means energy. Aattral is a word derived from Tamil language. Life is impossible without energy and Energy is everything.

In this edition of Aattral Kids Cycling & Run event, we aim to spread awareness on the importance of learning Martial Arts & Self defense for Children to prevent themselves from child sexual abuse. As we can see increase of sexual abuse of children.
We have initiated this event as we felt the absence of fitness initiatives for children. It is essential for children to start their fitness journey when they are young.

Aattral is an event that unites all Cyclists & Runners for a cause and incorporates sportsmanship, companionship, and of-course for a good cause. Obviously, by Cycling & Running we can protect the environment (our mother earth) as well as can benefitted with improved physical health.

With every edition of our events, we aspire to reach out to more people and contribute to bring the change we wish to see in the people of our society.

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