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Cyclothon 2022

Aattral cyclothon 2022

Aattral cyclothon 2022 is an on-road cyclothon event that will be conducted on 15 May 2022 at Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR), Chennai, Tamilnadu. We are conducting this cyclothon event as an on road event at Old Mahabalipuram Road(OMR) which is one of the busiest roads in Chennai.

To register for this cyclothon, please visit our website

75% of the Registration Fees collected will be used “To Help Students Who Could Not Afford To Pay For School” and “to support the Traditional Martial Art (Silambam)”. Also this is the first time to launch such a huge cycling event in Chennai at OMR. This physical on-road cyclothon will attract huge media attention, as we also have prominent political leaders as our chief guests.

Aattral cyclothon 2022 is an event that unites all cyclists for a cause and incorporates sportsmanship, companionship, and of-course for a noble cause. To register for this physical cyclothon event, please visit our website

Aattral cyclothon is presented and organized by All India Martial Arts & Sports Federation (AIMASF) from TamilNadu. This time the event was conceptualized with the vision to support the Traditional Martial Art (Silambam). This on-road cyclothon is aimed to support all Silambam Aasaans (Masters) and Silambam players who are financially struggling, as there is no enough support or sponsor for Silambam Martial Art.

Also, to help students who could not afford to pay for school during covid period. With every edition of our events, we aspire to reach out to more people and contribute to bring the change we wish to see in the less fortunate people of our society.

Cyclothon 2022